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President: Osamu IKKI President: Osamu IKKI

In recent years, circumstances surrounding PV power generation have been drastically changing. Japan and Germany have taken the lead in expanding dissemination of PV systems, which has now been spreading in Europe, the U.S., China and around the world. With the PV industry rapidly growing, the PV industry around PV cell/module manufacturing was established and continues growing. Global PV industry has been facing intensifying competitions, as manufacturers make efforts for reducing costs and developing new markets through mergers and acquisitions as well as entries by emerging companies, especially from East Asia.
National governments and local authorities have been further strengthening a support framework for dissemination and R&D of PV systems, in the aim of addressing energy security and global environmental issues. Expected synergies will contribute to creating employment not only in the PV industry but also in related industries and installers, and revitalizing local economies. Support for building factories by low-carbon industries, soliciting businesses in each region, and inviting large-scale PV power plants have been gaining momentum.
Amid these circumstances, the Japanese government started a new Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) program on July 1, 2012. In various sectors, stakeholders highly expect full-fledged dissemination of PV power generation.
The nation is required to review its energy policies in fear of power shortage. Dissemination of PV and other sources of renewable energy has been accelerated and gaining a foothold home and abroad.
Dissemination of PV power generation is now being established as “the global mainstream”. For smart grid, which has been pursued across the globe, the value of PV power generation has been further increasing as a significant element to constitute a package for large-scale introduction and effective use of renewable energy.
Based upon almost three decades of our experiences and accumulated knowledge in PV, we have been providing information and supporting our customers to commercialize their business plans and enhance their PV businesses.
In order to transform PV from one of the alternatives to fossil fuel to one of the mainstream energy sources, we are committed to achieving a full-fledged dissemination of PV power generation and further growth of the PV industry. We, all the RTS members, are united and devote ourselves in continuously providing valuable consulting services to our customers.

Osamu IKKI, President

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Company name RTS Corporation

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President Osamu IKKI
Established March 1983
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  • Governmental organizations (ministries and agencies)
  • Industrial associations
  • Local governments
  • Research institutes
  • PV manufacturers
  • Raw materials, components and parts manufacturers
  • BOS manufacturers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • System integrators
  • Electric utilities
  • Home builders
  • Engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs)
  • Trading companies
  • Financial institutions
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