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Forecasting PV installed capacity in Japan toward FY 2030/2050 (2019-2020 Edition)


In the Fifth Strategic Energy Plan formulated in 2018, making renewable energy a mainstream power source is included and the direction of PV to assume part of the responsibility for energy supply is clarified. While the Feed in Tariff (FIT) program has contributed to the rapid launch of the industrial PV market, various distortions were generated and corrections we re made accordingly through revisions of the FIT program , etc . In the industry, additional expansion is anticipated based on new business models such as the third party ownership model (TPO /PPA), etc. and a new unprecedented market is being developed as post FIT measures In this report, RTS forecast PV installed capacity by fiscal year based on the system size, application and area taking into account of the social backgrounds and the cost reduction, etc. toward FY 2030.

Moreover, as well as forecasting the installed capacity of storage system s , consideration was given so that the forecasts work as a key to future business planning by presenting an image of PV installation towards FY 2050.

We highly recommend this report as a guidebook to promote future business for PV system manufacturers and distributors, power producers, EPCs, manufacturers of inverters, supporting structures, measurement/ monitoring/ power conversion equipment, BOS manufacturers, financial institutions, insurance companies, O&M service providers, mass media, policy maker s and all the others engaged in the PV business.

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