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Intersolar North America 2017 Conference session: Asian Markets – Old and New Horizons 

Solar Promotion International PV in Japan: Impact of Rule Change Izumi Kaizuka
28-Jun-2017 IEEE PVSC(IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference) IEEE Cost analysis and cost reduction opportunities of residential PV system in the Japan Izumi KAIZUKA, Takashi OHIGASHI, Risa Kurihara, Haruki YAMAYA, Osamu IKKI
09-Jun-2017 Solar Asset Management Asia
Session 6A | Solar grid integration
Solarplaza International Grid related challenges in Japan Haruki YAMAYA

Solar Asset Management Asia
Session 3A | Operations & Maintenance

Solarplaza International Market overview of O&M practices in Japan Izumi Kaizuka
01-Jun-2017 Intersolar Europe 2017
PVMA/APVIA Side-Event: PV/Energy Storage Market Brief Asia
PV Market Alliance(PVMA)/Asian Photovoltaic Industry Association(APVIA) Update on Japan’s Solar PV and Electrical Energy Storage Market Izumi Kaizuka

Intersolar Europe 2017 Conference session: Global PV Markets: Emerging Asian Markets – New Horizons

Solar Promotion International Overview ASEAN Member States: Indonesia & Malaysia – Recent Developments and Future Market Prospects Izumi Kaizuka

PV EXPO 2017 – 10th Int’l Photovoltaic Power Generation Expo / PV Technical Conference Program / PV-6 Future Outlook of Emerging PV Market and Global Giga Watt Market

Reed Exhibitions Japan, Ltd. Trends and Outlook of the Global PV Market Izumi Kaizuka
21-Feb-2017 Solar Asset Management Aisa Webinar /// Solar Market Regulations and O&M developments in Japan SolarPlaza Izumi Kaizuka
18-Dec-2016 IEA-PVPS / ISES webiner “PV Market Development” IEA-PVPS/ISES PV Market Development
29-Sep-2016 Third bifi PV workshop University of Konstanz, INES, University of Miyazaki, PVG Solutions Bankability evaluation on Japanese PV system including bifacial application  T. Ohigashi
20-Jul-2016 Recent PV technology developments The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Tokyo Trensds of Renewable Energy – Focusing on Solar PV I. Kaizuka
11-Jul-2016 Intersolar North America 2016  Solar Promotion International PV Market in Japan – Impacts of the Reivision of the FIT Law  I. Kaizuka
23-Jun-2016 EU PVSEC 2016Intersolar Europe 2016 (joint event)  Solar Promotion GmbH/ WIP Renewable Energies Impact of FIT on the Cost of PV Systems in Japan  I. Kaizuka, H. Matsukawa, H. Yamaya, T. Ohigashi & O. Ikki
21-Jun-2016 Intersolar Europe 2016  Solar Promotion International The Japanese PV Market Outlook after the Revision of the FIT Law  I. Kaizuka
09-Jun-2016 The 43rd IEEE PVSC (IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference)  IEEE PV cost analysis in the Japanese PV market I. Kaizuka, T.  Ohigashi, H.  Matsukawa, H. Yamaya, O. Ikki
02-Jun-2016 Solar Asset Management Asia Solarplaza International Simulation of Output Curtailment of PV Power Generation in Japan (2020 – 2040) Hiroshi Matsukawa
05-Apr-2016  The 3rd International Sustainable Energy Summit (ISES) 2016  Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Malaysia FIT program in Japan - Lesson learned and future perspectives Izumi Kaizuka
04-Mar-2016 World Smart Energy Week 2016
PV EXPO 2016
REED Exhibitions Japan Current status and prospects of the global PV market – future growing markets Izumi Kaizuka
17-Sep-2015 EU PVSEC 2015  WIP PV Market Status in Japan – Challenges and Opportunities Hiroshi Matsukawa
16-Sep-2015  EU PVSEC 2015: side event “For solar PV, the future is here today: But where will future cost reductions come from?”  IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency)  PV Costs in Japan
Izumi Kaizuka
 13-Jul-2015  Intersolar North America 2015  Solar Promotion International  Outlook of the PV Market in Japan Izumi Kaizuka
25-Jun-2015 Solar Asset Management: Asia  Solarplaza  Trends of Japanese PV Market Izumi Kaizuka
 16-Jun-2015  42nd IEEE PVSC (IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference)  IEEE  (#284) PV Market in Japan and Impacts of Grid Constriction Haruki YAMAYA
9-Jun-2015 Intersolar Europe 2015  Solar Promotion International  Japanese PV Market – New Rules and Bottelnecks Izumi Kaizuka
31-Mar-2015 Intersolar China 2015  Solar Promotion International  Japanese PV Market – New Rules and Bottolenecks
(Session: Sunny Prospects for Asian PV Markets? How Support Policies Could Change Everything)
 27-Feb-2015  PV EXPO 2015 REED Exhibitions Japan Current Status and Outlook of Global PV Market  I. Kaizuka
 25-Feb-2015  PV EXPO 2015  REED Exhibitions Japan The Latest Trends and Perspective of Megasolar Projects in Japan
 Y. Ohhashi
26-Nov-2014 WCPEC-6 (6th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion)(PVSEC-24, IEEE PVSC-41, EUPVSEC-30)  WCPEC-6  Impacts of the Feed-in Tariff Program on the PV Market in Japan H. Matsukawa, T. Ohigashi, H. Yamaya, 
I. Kaizuka and O. Ikki
 25-Nov-2014  WCPEC-6 Side Event:Area 9 Special session cohosted by IEA PVPS, NEDO and WCPEC International Workshop PVPS@WCPEC-6
“Challenges and Promises to Large Scale PV Development”
 NEDO/ IEA PVPS  Session 5 – PV Development in Japan – An International and Domestic Perspective  I. Kaizuka
 7-Jul-2014  Intersolar North America 2014  Solar Promotion International Change of FIT Rules in Japan  I. Kaizuka
 10-Jun-2014 IEEE PVSC-40(40th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference)  IEEE  Effects of the Feed-in Tariff Program on the PV Market in Japan H. Yamaya
 2-Jun-2014  Intersolar Europe 2014  Solar Promotion Change of FIT Rules in Japan  I. Kaizuka
 25-Mar-2014  2014 Conference & Exhibition  Solar Promotion International  PV Market in Japan: How Long Will the Boom Last?  I. Kaizuka
 27-Feb-2014  PV Expo 2014  REED Exhibition Japan Trends of global PV market – toward new developments -  I. Kaizuka
 13-Oct-2013 Kansai PV EXPO 2013  REED Exhibition Japan  Current status and prospect of PV power generation – Toward 100 GW installation -  O. Ikki
 19-Jun-2013  39th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (IEEE PVSC-39)  IEEE Feed-in Tariff Program and Its Impact on PV Market in Japan  H. Yamaya, T. Ohigashi, H. Matsukawa, I. Kaizuka, O. Ikki
17-Jun-2013 Intersolar Europe 2013 Solar Promotion GmbH PV Market in Japan (tentative) Izumi Kaizuka
6-Dec-12 PVJapan 2012 Presentations by Exhibitors SEMI Japan/JPEA Future Direction of PV Business in Japan and the World – The Best Solution for Business Promotion T. Ohigashi
5-Dec-12 PVJapan 2012 SEMI Japan/JPEA Global PV Market - current status and future prospects I. Kaizuka
7-Nov-12 22nd International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference (PVSEC-22) PVSEC-22 PV system market in Japan
- new Feed-in Tariff program and its impacts on the market
I. Kaizuka
4-Nov-12 The 2nd Sino-Japan Photovoltaic Forum Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, the 175th Committee on Innovative Photovoltaic Power Generating Systems Status and Prospect of PV Market in Japan (tentative) I. Kaizuka
28-Sep-12 27th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference & Exhibition PV Status and Prospects in Japan I. Kaizuka
27-Sep-12 IEA PVPS Workshop:ASSIGNING A FAIR PRICE TO PHOTOVOLTAIC ELECTRICITY Self-consumption schemes – Experience from Japan I. Kaizuka
11-Jul-12 Intersolar North America, Global Markets – Future Market Prospects across Asia Solar Promotion PV market in Japan: FIT program as a new driver I. Kaizuka
09-Jul-12 Intersolar North America 2012 Solar Promotion Smart Grid with Renewable Technologies in Japan H. Matsukawa
19-Jun-12 SOLAR Taiwan 2012 – The 6th Int’l Photovoltaic Exposition The 6th International Conference in Solar Taiwan 2012 The Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA) Deployment of PV System in Japan: The Opportunities and Challenges of New Feed-in Tariff Program T. Ohigashi
27-Mar-12 PHOTON’s 7th PV Investors Conference Photon PV in Japan – FIT as a new driver I. Kaizuka
7-Dec-11 PVJapan 2011 Presentations by Exhibitors SEMI/JPEA Future Direction of Photovoltaic Business in the World – The Best Solution T. Ohigashi
6-Dec-11 PVJapan 2011 Technical Seminar 3 Market Trend SEMI/JPEA Trends of global PV Market I. Kaizuka
6-Dec-11 Intersolar China 2011 Conference Solar Promotion Support measures for introduction of PV systems in Japan H. Matsukawa
1-Dec-11 Joint international workshop: PVPS@PVSEC-21 NEDO/IEA PVPS/PVSEC-21 PV Market in Japan – Overcoming March 11th I. Kaizuka
14-Oct-11 2011 APEC Photovoltaic Conference APEC, Taiwan Bureau of Energy, Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs, ITRI Current Status and Future Prospects of the PV market in Japan T. Ohigashi
7-Sep-11 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC-26) EUPVSEC/WIP Trends in Photovoltaic Applications – The Latest Survey Results on PV Markets and Policies from the IEA PVPS Programme (6CV1.7) G. Watt,
I. Kaizuka,
P. Husser,
R. Brundlinger
7-Sep-11 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (EU PVSEC-26) EUPVSEC/WIP Current Status and Future Prospects of the PV Market in Japan – Toward the GW-PV Country (6CV1.2) O. Ikki,
I. Kaizuka,
T. Ohigashi,
H. Matsukawa
7-Sep-11 Driving Future PV Deployment, Electricity Utility PV Business Models (co-held with EUPVSEC-26) International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power System Programme (IEA-PVPS) Utilities’ Efforts on PV in Japan I. Kaizuka
5-Sep-11 Global Demand Forum V Solarplaza PV Market in Japan
- Current status and outlook -
I. Kaizuka
13-Jul-11 Intersolar North America Conference 2011 Solar Promotion Support measures for introduction of PV system in Japan
- Overcoming the aftermath of March 11th -
H. Matsukawa
27-Jun-11 Sungkyun International Solar Forum 2011 Sungkuynkwan University History and Future Prospects of the Global PV Market – New waves coming for the PV system - O. Ikki
22-Jun-11 37th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) IEEE Electron Devices Society Support measures for introduction of PV system in Japan H. Matsukawa,
I. Kaizuka,
O. Ikki,
T. Ohigashi
14-Jun-11 Solar Taiwan 2011 PIDA (Photonics Industry & Technology Development Association) The Current Trend of PV Market in Europe H. Yamaya
6-Jun-11 Intersolar Europe 2011 Conference Solar Promotion PV Status and Prospects in Japan I. Kaizuka