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Shine half a step ahead of the era as the pioneer of the PV consulting company

RTS Corporation has engaged in the services to support each stage of technology development, dissemination and commercialization of PV power generation for more than 35 years since its establishment in 1983. Our corporate vision is to develop the PV industry and realize making PV a mainstream power source, and our mission is to contribute to the dissemination of PV power generation through supporting the businesses of our clients.

The PV market that has taken off through technology development and dissemination measures led by Japan, the U.S. and Europe, is continuing to further expand today. As a result of realizing reduction of production cost and generation cost through the progress of technology development and establishment of mass production framework, the PV market is expanding to emerging countries such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East in addition to Europe, the U.S., China and India, and is entering a new stage of growth.

PV power generation, which had so far been developed through political support measures for dissemination, is shifting to an era of developing by market principles. The era is starting where PV can be used freely as an energy that is familiar and affordable to everyone in many countries and regions. PV electricity which creates new values, will evolve from a “new” energy to a “true” energy and play the role of leading the next generation.

At the same time, the PV industry is exposed to the global competitions, and especially in manufacturing of a single product such as PV module, Japanese companies are facing an uphill struggle. From now on, the PV industry is required to foresee the demand of the market and mobilize management resources into providing products, systems and services that comply with the utilization environment, advancement of management and operation of power generation systems, establishment of an electricity system that is disaster-resistant and highly reliable, etc.

PV power generation will continue to expand its application areas through various utilization forms. While PV supplies electricity to conventional power grids as a large-scale power plant, PV will increase its presence as a locally-used power source such as “PV and buildings”, “PV and vehicles”, “PV and agriculture”, etc., for instance, as an economically efficient distributed power source that does not depend on scale. It can be said that it is imperative to establish a business that corresponds to these new utilization forms.

In Japan, renewable energy has been positioned as the future mainstream power source, of which especially the installation and utilization of PV power generation has progressed rapidly and the PV installed capacity of 64 GW estimated in the energy mix for 2030 is expected to be achieved ten years ahead of schedule. We have the function as a think tank as well, and recommended “150 GW of PV installed capacity in Japan by 2030” as well as proposing the action plan towards its achievement. We have obtained overwhelming approval for the proposal from the PV industry.

We have multi-layered experiences and knowledge that we have cultivated through specializing in the sector of PV for a long time. We will continue to provide information and make proposals that are further effective through the achievements and know-how that we have cultivated and we, all the RTS members, are united to support the business development of our clients and continue to provide services such as consulting services to generate the outcome. We devote ourselves to support the world in achieving a sustainable future through supporting further development and growth of the PV industry.

Osamu Ikki

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