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Consulting Services

The regular consulting menu can be customizable upon request of our membership clients.
We provide the latest PV trends in our monthly reports, and we support our clients in formulating business strategies by providing information regularly and through meetings.
For non-membership clients, we provide spot researches upon request of clients delving into specific areas and subjects, business matching, etc., as a customized consulting service.

We can provide support and information concerning the overall value chain of the PV business.

Introduction to our consulting menus

Introduction to our consulting menus

Providing information regularly

Monthly report “Taiyoko Hatsuden Joho” (Japanese report)

It is a comprehensive monthly report covering the overall trends of the PV industry in Japan and abroad. In addition to national policies, market, business trends and summary of various statistical data, etc., the exposition of the latest topics is included.
Leaflet (PDF)

Monthly report “PV Hatsuden Jigyo Saizensen” (Japanese report)

It is a monthly report mainly for the clients who engage in the PV power generation business in Japan such as project developers or O&M service providers.

Leaflet (PDF)

Monthly report “Silicon Taiyodenchi Joho” (Japanese report)

It is a monthly report focusing on the trends of raw materials such as polysilicon and crystalline silicon wafer, devices such as solar cell and PV module, manufacturing equipment and components.
Leaflet (PDF)

Monthly report “PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights” (English Report)

It is a monthly report in English summarizing the trends of PV power generation in Japan and abroad.
Leaflet (PDF)

Trial reading of these reports is available. Please apply from here.

Services upon requests of clients

Business support meeting

We hold meetings according to our clients’ interests and requests. We can also make presentations at the site of the clients, so that they can share information internally.

Providing information for business support

We provide materials and documents that summarize the latest PV trends and analysis of the market, governmental bodies, businesses, industries, etc., a few times a month.

Daily inquiries

We respond to inquiries from our clients related to PV technology, policies and regulations, etc.

Customized and spot researches
(Available to both membership clients and non-membership clients)

We undertake researches of specific subjects and short consultation of business (from 1.5 hours).

Business matching

We support our client in finding their partners to conduct a business related to PV and introduce potential partners to them.

Please feel free to contact us.

Consulting agreement that include multiple services in a package such as meetings, providing information for business support, daily inquiries, and consultations, etc. in addition to monthly reports is available. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.
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Examples of consulting services

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