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PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights(monthly report)

PV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights(monthly report)
English TitlePV Activities in Japan and Global PV Highlights(monthly report)

RTS Corporation has been publishing “PV Activities in Japan and Global
PV Highlights” since 1995. This flagship monthly report provides the latest
information on PV activities in Japan and highlights of global PV activities. It
covers monthly trends of all the sectors related to PV in Japan ranging from
national government to project developers. The report also covers topics from
Japan including this PV shipments and price trends. Global topics are also
covered in the report such as quarterly trends of solar cell production by global
top PV manufacturers. This report has been acquiring an international

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Forecasting PV installed capacity in Japan toward FY 2020 and FY 2030 (2017 Edition)new

Forecasting PV installed capacity in Japan toward FY 2020 and FY 2030 (2017 Edition)
English TitleForecasting PV installed capacity in Japan toward FY 2020 and FY 2030 (2016 annual report)
PublishedOctober 2017

The revised Act on Special Measures Concerning Procurement of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources by Electric Utilities (so-called the FIT Act) took effect in April 2017, under which a new approval scheme (approval of PV project business plans), and a tender scheme for 2 MW or larger systems were introduced. At the present stage, the market is on the way to full-scale dissemination in preparation for the “post-FIT” era, and discussions on political issues in the era of large-volume introduction of renewable energy have started.

Under such circumstances, we made forecast on PV installed capacity by fiscal year (FY) toward FY 2020 and FY 2030 by application (residential/ industrial/ MW-scale) in consideration of social circumstances and cost reduction, etc. We amended the previous forecasts on PV installed capacity by adding the results of the discussions on output curtailment issue by each electric company. We made forecasts of the future markets including O&M, storage batteries and secondary markets, and brushed up the forecasts.

We highly recommend this report as a guidebook to establish business strategy for PV cell/ module manufacturers, power producers, EPCs, manufacturers of inverters, supporting structures, measurement, monitoring and power conversion equipment, components manufacturers, financial institutions, insurance companies, O&M service providers, mass media, policy makers and others engaged in the PV business.

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PV Market in Japan 2017 (annual report)

PV Market in Japan 2017 (annual report)
English TitlePV Market in Japan 2017 (annual report)
PublishedAugust 2017

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the PV market in Japan, one of the key PV markets in the world with outstanding opportunities for PV players thanks to the generous government incentives and the nation’s high motivation for renewable energy after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the Fukushima nuclear disasters. Details of Japan’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program featured by the revision of the FIT Act and statistics of approved & installed projects under FIT, will help you well understand the Japanese PV market. The report covers support programs for the PV systems with an overview of PV-related regulations, standards, codes and certification. Outlook of PV market in Japan provides an overview of introduction potential. Corporate profiles of major Japanese PV players include PV manufacturers, inverter manufacturers, developers, EPCs and financial institutions. RTS is pleased to help you enter and increase the presence in the Japanese PV market with this all-inclusive report.

 Another significant feature of this report is a list of MW-scale PV projects (so-called “Mega Solar” projects in Japan) commissioned and in the pipeline in Japan. Since the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program started in Japan on July 1, 2012, development of MW-scale PV projects sharply increased. More and more companies from various sectors both from Japan and overseas made a foray into the development of MW-scale PV power plants, taking advantage of the FIT program. The list provides you with details of over 2,600 MW-scale PV projects conducted by a variety of operators. The list will be updated 3 times in October 2017, January and April 2018 and be provided to purchasers of this report.

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Key Points of the New FIT Program- Must-Have Guide to Japan’s FIT Program -

Key Points of the New FIT Program- Must-Have Guide to Japan’s FIT Program -
English TitleKey Points of the New FIT Program- Must-Have Guide to Japan’s FIT Program -
PublishedMay 2017

Following the enforcement of the Revised FIT Act, the new Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program took effect in April 2017. The approval scheme was changed from “approval of facility” to “approval of project business plan,” with the requirements for approval including the following: 1) The project contributes to promoting the use of renewable energy-based electricity; 2) The project is expected to be surely realized and 3) Power generation is expected to continue with economic efficiency and stability both during and after the FIT period. This new report “Key Points of the New FIT Program” explains the reform of the FIT program in Japan in detail to support formulating the PV project business plans and to implement the projects smoothly. Electronic data of the report is also provided for effective use of information for internal discussions.

 [Pillars of this report] 

(1) Shifting from the former scheme to the new scheme
(2) Formulation of project business plans following the guidelines 
(3) Issues to be complied and recommendations for formulating project business plans
(4) Tender scheme
(5) Setting of feed-in tariffs (FITs)

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