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Shine half a step ahead of the era as the pioneer of the PV consulting company

RTS Corporation, a think tank specializing in photovoltaic power generation,  has engaged in the services to support each stage of technology development, dissemination and commercialization of PV power generation for more than 40 years since its establishment in 1983. Our corporate vision is to develop the PV industry and realize making PV a mainstream power source, and our mission is to contribute to the dissemination of PV power generation through supporting the businesses of our clients.

Around the world,  policy development, introduction development, and industrial development related to PV power generation are progressing rapidly. The global cumulative PV installed capacity exceeded 1 TW for the first time in 2022, and is expected to continue to grow at a brisk pace and become the world’s largest power source by overtaking coal in 2027.


The United States, the EU, China, and India are working to accelerate the PV introduction through drastic policy enhancements and incentives.  In addition, construction of solar cell factories competing for high conversion efficiency technology is underway around the world, and efforts to GW-scale mass production of next-generation solar cells such as perovskite solar cells have also begun. Furthermore, there are expectations for energy conversion using green hydrogen in the transportation and industrial fields, which have been considered difficult to decarbonize, and the demand for solar power generation as a power source for hydrogen production is expected to increase.


In Japan, the Japanese government has formulated the “Basic Policy for the Realizing of GX,” which outlines GX (Green Transformation)  initiatives based on the premise of securing a stable energy supply. The policy clearly states to acomplish the renewable energy power source ratio of 36-38% in 2030, and the ambitious target has become a must-achieve goal.  As for PV power generation, it was decided not only to expand the installations in public facilities, residences, factories and warehouses, airports, railways, etc., but also to promote the community-led PV introduction while utilizing the Global Warming Countermeasures Act. In addition, the introduction of schemes that do not rely on the FIP program will be expanded.


Meanwhile, electricity consumers, including citizens, companies and the national and local governments, are beginning to switch to renewable energy electricity using the PPA model, etc. In addition, the financial sector is also working to strengthen businesses that will lead to the introduction of renewable energy toward the establishment of a decarbonized society. Considering the above, it can be seen that a welcome change in business environment is happening for the PV industry for its self-sustaining development in the future. 




The business environment for PV power generation is also diversifying. In addition to the supply-demand integrated building market based on self-consumption and the power generation business market based on electricity sales, new markets are being formed, such as installation forms that use sites in a complex manner such as farmland (called “Solar Sharing”, water surfaces (Floating) , and parking lots, as well as building-integrated PV (BIPV) systems and facilities for electric vehicles (EVs). In addition, by integrating with power storage systems, new businesses such as virtual power plants (VPPs) and aggregation services for more efficient use of PV power are emerging. As such, PV power generation will greatly broaden its range of activities.


We have multi-layered experiences and knowledge that we have cultivated through specializing in the sector of PV for a long time. We will continue to provide information and make proposals that are further effective through the achievements and know-how that we have cultivated and we, all the RTS members, are united to support the business development of our clients and continue to provide services such as consulting services to generate the outcome. We devote ourselves to support the world in achieving a sustainable future through supporting further development and growth of the PV industry.

Osamu Ikki

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