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Privacy Policy

RTS Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “RTS”) establishes and discloses its Privacy Policy so that its employees and the parties concerned recognize the importance of the protection of personal information and promote this effort completely. RTS is strongly committed to protecting your privacy.

Management of Personal Information

RTS shall take appropriate measures from organizational, physical, personnel and technical perspectives regarding protection of personal information.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Personal information RTS obtained from its clients shall be used for the purposes including contacting its clients, sending information on its business activities to them and replying to their inquiries.

Prohibition of Disclosure or Share of Personal Information to Third Parties

RTS shall not disclose any personal information which it obtained upon agreement of its clients to any third party without the consent of its clients, except for the following cases:

(1) When RTS discloses the said personal information to its outsourced contractors in order to provide its clients with the services which they wish to receive
(2) When disclosure of the said personal information is required by law
(3) When disclosure of the said personal information is required by public institutions such as courthouse or police

Referral of Identification by the Clients

If an RTS client desires to refer, correct or delete his/her own personal information, RTS shall respond to his/her request appropriately after confirming his/her identification.

Compliance to Laws, Regulations and Rules, and Revision of the Privacy Policy

RTS shall comply with the Japanese laws, regulations and rules applicable to personal information in its possession and shall continuously revise and/or improve the contents of its Privacy Policy.

Network Traffic Analysis Tool

We use a network traffic analysis tool called “Google Analytics”. This tool uses so-called “cookies” to collect traffic data. The traffic data are collected under anonymity and do not identify individuals. This function can be refused by disabling cookies. Please check the setting of your browsers and disable cookies.

Release and Modifications to This Privacy Policy

RTS shall specify the release date of this Privacy Policy as well as the amendment date(s).

Inquiries About This Privacy Policy

For any inquiries about RTS’ handling of personal information, please contact the following:

RTS Corporation Personal Information Consultation Desk
Qus Hatchobori Daiichi Bldg. 4F,
3-19-2, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan
E-Mail:[email protected]