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Lectures – for different levels ov audience from corporate executives to freshmen –

Subjects of lectures

Global markets, industries in general, policy trends (R&D to dissemination), trends of technology development, trends of demand for monosilane gas and polysilicon, business value of silicon feedstock for solar cells, solar cell electrode technology, thin-film PV technology and market, BOS technology and market, large-scale PV system projects, etc.

Records of lectures

  • Current status and prospects of PV businesses
  • Trends of PV markets and industries
  • Latest trends and prospects of global PV markets
  • Technology trends of PV power generation facilities
  • Trends of demand in European/global PV markets, and Asia as a production base
  • Global prospects of PV power generation, to make PV a mainstream energy source
  • Progress, development and market trends of the PV industry
  • Current status and prospects of PV power generation for public and industrial applications
  • R&D strategies and latest market trends of PV power generation around the world
  • Market and industry trends of megawatt-scale PV systems and system integration business
  • PV Status and Prospects in Japan
  • PV Trends in Japan – Policy, Market & Industry –
  • PV trends in Japan – Progress of the PV market by new support measures
  • R&D Status and manufacturing strategies of Asian manufacturers
  • and more

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