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New Publication – 再生可能エネルギー政策の重要ポイント2024

New Publications

RTS Corporation released “The important points of renewable energy 2024” (Japanese report) on May 31, 2024.


The “GX Promotion Strategy” has been established, and a roadmap for the next decade and sector-specific investment strategies for next-generation renewable energy have been outlined. The strategy mandates achieving a 36-38% renewable energy share by 2030 as a binding target.


The government and local authorities are implementing various measures to expand solar power installation. Efforts include nationwide grid improvements and securing adjustment capabilities using stationary batteries to address output fluctuations, mass production of next-generation solar cells such as perovskite to enhance technological self-sufficiency, ensuring project discipline for regional coexistence, maximizing the use of existing solar power facilities, and planning for the future disposal of large quantities of solar panels.


This report summarizes key policies related to solar power, initiatives by various ministries and local governments, and provides the latest information necessary for those involved in solar power projects to develop future business strategies and respond to policies, including the GX (Green Transformation) and the 2024 fiscal budget.


Report is available in Japanese.  Please visit our Japanese site for the details.

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