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New publication “PV Market in Japan 2018″

New Publications

We have published a new report”PV Market in Japan 2018″ in September 2018.

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the PV market in Japan, one of the key PV markets in the world with outstanding opportunities for PV players thanks to the generous government incentives and the nation’s high motivation for renewable energy after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the Fukushima nuclear disasters. Details of Japan’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) program featured by the revision of the FIT Act and statistics of approved & installed projects under FIT, will help you better understand the Japanese PV market. The report covers support programs for the PV systems with an overview of PV-related regulations, standards, codes and certificationOutlook of PV market in Japan provides an overview of introduction potential. Corporate profiles of PV manufacturers and inverter manufacturers are covered. In addition, PV players including developers, EPCs and financial institutions are listed in tables. RTS is pleased to help you enter and increase the presence in the Japanese PV market with this all-inclusive report.

As an OPTION, RTS offers a list of MW-scale PV projects commissioned and in the pipeline in Japan. Since the FIT program started in Japan on July 1, 2012, development of MW-scale PV projects sharply increased. The list provides you with details of over 2,700 MW-scale PV projects conducted by a variety of operators as of the end of September 2018. The list will be updated 3 times in December 2018, March and June 2019 and be provided to purchasers of this report.

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