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New Publication “Photovoltaics Business Guide 2023” (in Japanese)

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RTS Corporation released “Photovoltaics Business Guide 2023” (Japanese report) on March 29, 2023.


Japan’s photovoltaic power market has grown significantly since the feed-in tariff (FIT) system began in 2012, but it is expected that the use of on-site self-consumption, off-site corporate PPA, and FIP systems will replace the FIT system in the future, leading to an expansion in the introduction of solar power generation.


This report introduces the business environment surrounding the solar power generation business, including trends in national and local government policies and systems, changes on the demand side for electricity from renewable energy sources, and trends among related suppliers, and explains corporate PPAs, which are often used as a new business model. It also introduces leading case studies, provides basic information that can be used as a reference for constructing PPA schemes, and includes a large amount of information on related systems and other topics.  It even explains new markets and new fields of utilization, such as farmland and water, which are expected to expand in the future, as well as trends and case studies of storage batteries and other storage devices that are expected to have synergistic effects when combined with solar power generation, which is a variable power source.


This report is designed as a guidebook for new entrants into the photovoltaic power generation business and business operators who continue their business and seek for further business development and expansion, and is intended to be widely used by those who provide, use, or support services and businesses in the photovoltaic power generation business.


Report is available in Japanese.  Please visit our Japanese site for the details.

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